May 31, 2011

Look # 105

Skin: :Curio: Acorn-Sweetheart-Deeply Madly
Hair: >TRUTH< Cassandra -  dark blondes
Make-up: -Sorry.Asia- IVA.NOVA Eyes Make-Up
Eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Never.More EYES
Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N01
Top: Spirit Store - Valentina top white
Jeans: Spirit Store - Faina capri dark gold
Shoes: P10 Maia Heels Lace Black
Belt: [MANDALA] Kookai Belt /Black
Glasses: /artilleri/ Gabriella glasses *black*
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Sharp Nails - BLACK

Spirit Land Photo Contest 2011

We decided that we needed a few pictures, which should be at the center of Spirit Land, near the fountain and will decorate it. Where we can take such pictures? How to give a chance to everyone in Second Life to make a better picture? Of course - Contest!

Contest duration:
The contest will run from 1st of June to 1st  of Jule.

To enter you need:
1.    Join the Spirit Land group on Flickr :
2.    If you are not a member of yet, please join! Its FREE and just takes a minute!
3.    Take a picture, wearing, at least one clothing item from each of the store: Spirit Store, Sorr.Asia, KristicA wich located at Spirit Land.

Contest rules:
1.   Your picture must have weight 1024 and high 1200 in pixels
2.   The model and the author of the picture must be the same person
3.   No Special offers, gifts or Lucky boards.
4.   No nude, No porn.
5.   Please name your picture “Spirit Land Photo Contest 2011”, very important -  add the tag Spirit Land Photo Contest, also don’t forget to add your Avatar name in the description if it not same with your flickr name and post your picture in this Flickr group:
6.   You can enter 5 pictures, if they are showing different content.

 1st – 5000L$
-         10 items from Spirit Store by your choice
-         Skin Pack from Sorry.Asia by your choice
-         3 items from KristicA by your choice

2nd – 2000L$
-         3 items from Spirit Store by your choice
-         3 items from Sorry.Asia by your choice
-         2 items from KristicA by your choice

3rd – 1000L$
-         1 item from Spirit Store by your choice
-         1 items from KristicA by your choice
-         1 item from Sorry.Asia by your choice


Winners will be announced not later than 20th of July

May 26, 2011

Look # 103

Avrora Tutti
Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N06
Skin: :Curio: Acorn-Lustre-Patina
Hair: *booN YNO421 hair black/chocolate/purple
Earrings: [MANDALA] FEMALE SINRA2  Necklace/vintage gold
Cigarette: .:Hermony:. / Cigarette ADD ON / Cigarillo
Belt: .:Hermony:. LuckyDeath Belt (black)

Skin : Sorry.Asia JEYA (coming soon)
Eyelashes : Sorry.Asia Lashes 2
Eyes : Sorry.Asia Stay.Away Eyes (green)
Hair : [LeLutka]-RYKIEL hair/Light Brunette
Nails : Mstyle Long Bails classic
Ring : Mstyle Midnight Dome Ring
Tights : Mstyle Roses Tights
Coat : [LeLutka]-ALPHA romper/dark
Shoes : KristicA Malina (black)
Cigarette : Hermony

Spirit Osmus
Skin: :Curio: Acorn [Light] Pout-Whine 2
Hair: .ploom. Blondes 1 - Telephone
Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N01
Gloves: .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Black Pack
Cigarette: .:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette

May 21, 2011

Look # 102

Skin: LAQ ~ Vilda [Nougat] Glow skin (10-pack)
Cleavage: LAQ ~ Cleavage v2 [Nougat]
Hair: >TRUTH< Jacqueline -  light blondes
Jumpsuit: SpiritStore - Veronika overall black
Necklace: -Sorry.Asia- Secret.Keys Necklace
Shoes: KristicA - Flowers Malina (black-red)
Tatoo: KristicA Patterns men
Nails: Mstyle Long Nails v2 - Matte Pack 2
Belt:~Pepper~  Spike Belt - COLOR ME

May 20, 2011

Look # 101

Skin: :Curio: Acorn [Light] Pout-Whine
Hair: Dura-Girl20 
Skirt: Spirit Store - Disco short - skirt gold
Top: Spirit Store - Disco top gold
Tatoo: KristicA - Camomile black
Shoes: KristicA - Malina Shoes black
Earrings: [MANDALA]:SENJYU Earrings/AFRICA
Bracelets: [MANDALA]SINRA bracelet,ring,Nails/Venus Gold

Spirit Store - New release

Spirit Store
Disco top and disco shorts-skirt

May 18, 2011

Review Policy - for bloggers

•• Thanks for having showed interest in our work. We always glad to accept your blogger request.

•• Please fill out the form completely.  FORM

•• Sending notecards or IM's after already having sent in your application will decrease your probability of becoming one of our bloggers to 0.

•• To make our life and communication with you easy, please add your work at Our Flickr pool:

•• If we don't respond to your request, means i don't want to send you my stuff (I don't have time always respond, please don't take it personally. Sorry.)

Have a nice day.
Spirit Osmus

Look # 100

Skin: :Curio: Acorn-May-Blackbird
Hairbase: AITUI - 5 Etched Hair Bases - Firebird
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Willow [Light Blondes]
Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N01
Socks: Spirit Store - Night socks blue
Bra: Spirit Store - Night outfit blue
Shorts: Spirit Store - Night outfit blue
Tatoo: *Paragon* Butterfly_colored 
Necklace: -Sorry.Asia- Secret.Keys Necklace (Scripted)
Shoes: KristicA - Malina Shoes blue
Ears and earrings: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*EARRING3+Ear BOX

Spirit Store NEW and Fifty5 Thursday

New Release - Spirit Store Night Shorts, bra and socks!

Fifty5 Thursday - Exclusive gray color 55L$ Only

May 15, 2011

Look # 98

Skin: -CD- Meili Natural Tan
Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Baileys Blonde Pack
Top: Spirit Store - Sasya shirt black
Shorts: Spirit Store - Kristina shorts black
Tongue: MB Style - Tongue (Unisex)
Shoes: INDI Designs - Olivieri Sneakers blue/gold
Ears and earrings: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*EARRING3+Ear
Belt: l[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Black/FEMALE
Nails and rings: Mstyle Nails - Animals on the Moon - Black/Gold
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Key Necklaces MALE/FEMALE Blogger
Socks: *League* Gartered Socks -Black

LuckyBoard at Spirit Land

Spirit Store   



We are moved - SPIRIT LAND

Spirit Store (Avrora included) - HQ Clothes
Sorry.Asia - Male and female skins, eyes, face tattoo, make-ups, jewerly
KristicA - Shoes, tatoos, stocks, tiths
Paragon - Jewerly and tatoos
MB Style - Jewerly, tongue

May 9, 2011

Look # 95

Skin: -Sorry.Asia- Lost.Love SMOKEY (T4)
Hair: Dura-Emo
Eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Never.Fantasy Eyes
Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N01
Top: Spirit Store - Kristina top black NEW
Shorts: Spirit Store - Kristina shorts black NEW
Tatoo: KristicA - Camomile black
Socks: KristicA - Socks black
Necklace: [MANDALA] FEMALE SINRA2  Necklace/samurai Black

May 7, 2011

Look # 94

Skin: :Curio: Amber-Jasmine-Mysterious
Hair: [LeLutka]-RENTA hair/Dark Blonde
Pants: Spirit Store - Katastrofa Leggings black
Top: Spirit Store - Daria top black
Tatoo: KristicA - Camomile white
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Isabelline
Nails: [MANDALA]MILKY WAY NAILs&Rings/polly white
Belt: ~Pepper~ Pieces Belt