Mar 13, 2011

Fashion Academy LOVE HUNT

Fashion Academy  LOVE HUNT start at 14th of march!!! Be ready!


2. Beautiful gem near beautiful dress.
3.-Great Ponytails for u!
4. A litte Cat lost her Sign
5.+ it on the second floor near the window
7. hold me, but I like the result
8.military stuffs i guess
9.Redheads have more fun
10. backroom
11. Yum! Cupcake!
12. I heard the latest tats are very dirteh!
14.Sale poster
16. I threw everything in but the kitchen sink.
17.Tattooed With Love
18.Close to the Moon
21.follow my glance
22. where the breath of fresh air

Thats all for now. We will be wait for tomorrow.