Jan 4, 2014

CHEOS Sedalina Mesh head COMMING SOON

CHEOS Sedalina Mesh head COMMING SOON

CHEOS Sedalina Mesh head

  • Mesh head
  • Mesh head without ears
  • Skin
  • Skin with cleavage
  • Natural Lips and red lips
  • Eyeshadow evening and day
  • Eyes in 5 colors
  • Eyelashes
  • Neck blending tattoo for other skins


At first thanks for having showed interest in our work. We always glad to accept your blogger request.

If you want blogged one of our head set you must know some simple rules:

1.   Be sure, that your blog is High quality and you are a good stylist.
2.   Please create notecard and rename it:  "Cheos request (Your name)"
IMPORTANT add there:

  •         Name of the head set which you want blogged.
  •         Your name
  •         Link to your blog
  •         Where it syndicated (Minimum 3 feeds)
  •         How old is your blog? ( Minimum 6 monthes)

3.   Send this request via notecard to Spirit Osmus or Kitja Rexie

ATTENTION! If we give you a head, and you don’t blogged it, we will never give it to you again.
To make our life and communication with you easy, please add your work at Our Flickr pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/spiritstore/
If we don't respond to your request, means we don't want to send you our stuff (I don't have time always respond, please don't take it personally. Sorry.)
Have a nice day.